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Stephen Alltop will conduct a concert at the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra this Summer (2023)

June 2022:

Stephen Alltop Jumps in on three hours notice to conduct the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra:​​

Apollo Chorus of Chicago performs Handel's Messiah/Review:

'Alltop conducted from memory and favored brisk tempi that kept Handel’s familiar canvas moving along. He was consistently attuned to the nuances of Handel’s writing, and brought out fresh details even in this well-worn work, which never sounded perfunctory in his hands.'

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Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo Goes Remote To Meet The Times 

by Kyle MacMillan, November 9, 2020

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The performances by the 40 singers and 20 players who took part in Orfeo Remote were filmed and recorded in and around their homes as far away as South Korea, and Alltop and Joachim Schamberger, director of opera, committed to editing the music and imagery into a cohesive whole.

Alltop and Joachim Schamberger, director of opera, committed to editing the music and imagery into a cohesive whole.


The two knew the undertaking would be an ambitious one. But it has turned out to be a far more gargantuan project than either envisioned — a melding of some 1,200 video and 1,400 audio files.


“If I chose, I could work on this for the rest of my life. It’s endless,” said Alltop, who finished the audio editing in mid-August. “It was like what the settlers out West must have felt from time to time: I keep traveling, and there is no end in sight. And that’s how this was.”

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NEWS: WGN Radio 720-November 22, 2020:

‘This Week in Theater’ features two Chicago theater stories. First, Stephen Alltop, Apollo Chorus’ Music Director and Conductor, chats with Dean about the Apollo Chorus of Chicago’s upcoming virtual show, “Glory: Music for Our World Virtual Concert.”

Listen to the interview HERE

Daily Northwestern, October 12/2020

Orfeo remote takes opera from the stage to the screen.

Performing the opera in Cahn Auditorium was no longer an option, so Director of Opera Joachim Schamberger and conductor Stephen Alltop reimagined the performance to create “Orfeo Remote,” a virtual opera film. read fill article HERE

"The WFMT Bach Organ Project Is No Longer Just a Pipe Dream, thanks to Steve Robinson and Organist Stephen Alltop"

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Review of concert with 'House of Cards' composer Jeff Beal:

"John Frayne: CUSO trumpets Beal's works with aplomb"

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"Elmhurst Symphony honors Stephen Alltop"

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News Gazette. Getting personal:

Stephen Alltop

'I perform a great deal of music by Bach and Handel and feel a great affinity for them. I have always been a musically greedy person in the sense that I enjoy music of all ages, including our own, and do a tremendous amount of contemporary music. I'm happy to say my favorite composer is truly the one I'm conducting at the moment.'

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"Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra opens season with fab Beatles concert, movie"

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